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Your success is obvious!

Our knowledge of the regional labor market and our experience means we have stood by our employees and customers since 1999.

You benefit from our steadily growing network. Our individual on-site customer and employee support enables you to plan your personnel requirements in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Plan strategically with us!

By relying on Kühne Personal you receive audited and certified quality. We know the challenges facing the local labor market and develop individual solutions – for our customers, employees and applicants.

Our Service

Finding individual and customized personnel solutions for you is a matter of trust for Kühne Personal. Our experience in various industries and the concepts of human resources management and leadership have allowed us to develop methods that transfer easy and can be professionally implemented. The knowledge of our consultants and dispatchers about these industries ensures you always receive competent service in the following areas:

Employee leasing

The development of a company crucially depends on how it is able to adapt flexibly to the requirements of the labor market. Temporary work provides modern and flexible solutions when there is a temporary need for skilled workers. This allows you to cope with peak orders and with temporary or longer-term staff shortages in line with legal regulations.


Our customers also partake in our experience in the entire spectrum of personnel work. We would be pleased to advise you on solutions for:

  • Individual personnel development concepts
  • Strategic planning
  • Training and further education programs
  • Flexible resource planning


Applicants are not the only ones to benefit from our well-established recruitment network in Central Germany. As a company, you can be assured that we will recruit specifically for the job profile you have defined and present suitable candidates. We are happy to perform initial interviews and any recruitment tests in advance to preselect candidates. We guarantee discretion and value the trust you place in us. Let us convince you of our high quality standards.

Project management

Projects play an increasing role in the short and medium term as well as in the long-term retention of personnel. Often projects fail due to a lack of HR planning. We have become an active and reliable partner for our customers’ projects. For example, Kühne Personal has taken over the design, investment planning and strategic implementation of a completely new disposal route of a leading regional waste management company. Kühne Personal has also been supporting this customer for years in securing personnel for its plant operations.

„Our know-how helps achieve the success-oriented ideas of our customers.”

Your advantages

You will have maximum flexibility with seasonal order fluctuations and temporary absences (cover for personal leave, illness, maternity / parental leave, etc.).
You can operate cost-efficiently, since only hours that are actually worked are billed, risks due totermination and absence are excluded, and personnel bottlenecks are filled quickly and effectively.
You are able to remain focused on your core business by not having to attend to the personnel selection process, by freeing up your core workforce and by obtaining additional know-how.